Fumbled stuff

Introducing the new OpenSound subdirectory (2008-06-21 15:31:58)

There is now a directory containing useful files for OSS.

Until clarifying details about mirroring, there will be no official releases.

You might find patches to currently already released versions (patches for the source package, or new built DEB, RPM, etc. files), other scripts, test things and the like.

Feel free to browse the new directory here.

DarwinStreamingServer (Apple) Patch for x86_64 (2007-11-02 20:59:27)

Today I met someone on #linux.de on QuakeNet, who wanted to compile and install the DarwinStreamingServer Version 5.5.5 - unsuccessfully though.

I took a quick look on the compiler's output and was sure, that the errors were provoked by bad and faulty code.

I hooked up with a friend, called "Tonni", and with his help (mainly his work after all) I was able to locate and fix the errors.

Ironically, the errors only occurred on 64 bit systems, to be more precise, when GCC was running in 64 bit mode. Running GCC with -m32 worked and compiled fine, but with -m64 or simply nothing, it failed.

You just need the patch if you are on x86_64, although it won't harm applying it on 32 bit systems as well.

To make a long story short, everything I did was adding x86_64 support. Thus, you may now be able to compile it as well on 64 bit as on 32 bit platforms.

You can obtain it as always via DarwinStreamingServer-x86_64-r1.patch (DarwinStreamingServer 5.5.5).

I do not accept liability for moon landing or hostage-taking arising from this patch.

WINE I/O selection patch (2007-10-28 19:45:59)

As I am using/had to use eQSO (that's a CB radio software for the PC) relatively intensive in the last time under Linux, I had to fix my little "recording" problem.

It goes like this: I can play all kind of things "upmix"ed with my PCI soundcard, but its recording is horribly broken (when I record something from my microphone I simply get a snapshot of what I was hearing in that moment, even though the "loopback" extension was turned off. But to make matters worse, I can also hear myself with an echo due to the fact that everything I speak into the microphone is echo'd right back through the speakers), so I thought that it might be a good idea to use my onboard soundcard, even if not for anything else, but at least for recording.

No sooner said than done, I enabled the onboard soundcard, ran ossdetect, ran soundon and everything was working wonderful. I could record sound from my onboard card and play anything via my PCI card just as before without any problems.

However, a last problem arised: how can I set the input and output devices for sound in WINE separately? I know that it is possible to set the input and output device both with AUDIODEV (environment variable) to any /dev/dsp* device I wanted, but that did not help me any. I needed to set my output device to /dev/dsp(0) and my input device to /dev/dsp4, so I wrote a bug report for the WINE guys, which was first rejected due to inattentive reading of the WINE developer(s) and the second time with a really doubtful reason (I would say it even was a "meta reason".)

Although my idea was rejected, I was far away from surrending and wrote my own patch. It will work for WINE versions 0.9.47 and 0.9.48 and following, but I will not support any older versions, sorry. Just try and see if you are lucky, though.

As always, you can get the path here: ioselection-r4.patch (WINE 0.9.47, 0.9.48, 0.9.49, 0.9.50, 0.9.51, 0.9.52, 0.9.53, 0.9.54, 0.9.55, 0.9.56, 0.9.57, 0.9.58, 0.9.59, 0.9.60, 0.9.61, and NEW! 1.0_rc1 NEW!).

Of course I do not give any warranty for it, it may even drown your fish, so you have to be carefully and use it at your OWN RESPONSIBILITY.

Feedback, critics and whatever you have is welcomed as always.

sSMTP-Patch für die Empfängeradresse (2007-09-16 22:19:00)

As I noticed some days ago that my cron can't deliver mails (which is quite clear, since I do not have a real MTA installed, but sSMTP), I decided to let sSMTP deliver my mails to $user@ionic.de with the sender address $user@home.ionic.de. I thought that would be easily done via the rewriteDomain section in the config file /etc/ssmtp/ssmtp.conf, but far from it. When I set home.ionic.de in rewriteDomain, as well the addressee, as the sender have been rewritten using this domain, resulting in an eMail coming from $user@home.ionic.de and going via mail.ionic.de to $user@home.ionic.de. But since I do not have any MTA installed on home.ionic.de (my router) postfix tried delivering the eMail without sucess many times.

Thus I wrote a little patch for sSMTP, adding a new config option (sendTo) in /etc/ssmtp/ssmpt.conf, sending the correct "To: ..." header (I wonder why the developers did not implement this at all) and a new command line parameter, -T, which does the same like the -F parameter, but for the addressee.

Get the patch here: ssmtp.patch

Please drop me a mail with feedback, if you intent to use it.